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The circle of revolution and the self-faithfulness of human

The circle of revolution and the self-faithfulness of human

Re: The circle of revolution and the self-faithfulness of human


The Circle is an symbol of religious faith in the greatest value of the human, which symbolizes the soul in the centre of reality. In fact, both inside the circle and outside are the clean sheet. So we see the circle only as formality. Imaginary border of the circle emphasizes the unity of the human with the fullness of reality, all-encompassing soul in space and time. Circle – the perfect beginning of the progress, the form of the good.
Also the evil have deceptive form of the good. But his circle isn’t beginning, his circle is limitation. It is the circle of revolution, the circling between evil and good.
On the basis of universal moral criterion of our religion (self-establishing is good, self-negation is evil) we acquire such knowledge about the evil:
1) Evil is the limited good, the good that opposing the good.
2) Evil is the soulless force. No matter how strong it may be, it lacks forces of humanity, such as self-perfection, self-faithfullness, self-ownership.
3) Evil does not progress. Due to the limitations the evil stops and turn to its imperfect source, because imagination is suppressed by the negation. But the circle of revolution can be arbitrarily wide, depending on the forces of evil.
Re: The circle of revolution and the self-faithfulness of human

The cycle of the progress, known to us from the God-given philosophy of creative idealism, taking into account the knowledge about the evil allows a detailed d e s c r i p t i o n of the circle of the revolution. To do this, we complete the cycle of progress with the opposing cycle of imperfection, which replace the idealization with the negation.
Here are examples of the circling revolution. Clockwise: uselessness – imagination – realization – creation – usefulness – specialization – formalism – deception – uselessness. Counterclockwise: uselessness – deception – evil-doing – self-sacrifice – usefulness – pride – greed – illusions – uselessness.
To move from the evil to the good by the path of establishing good or negating evil, we can get out of the revolutionary circle with the considering the good as the evil because of insufficiency of good. Also we may stay circling if the achieved good is enough for us, with results similar to those described in the examples above. Interesting that when we leave the circle of the revolution, we find ourselves in a new, wider circle of revolution, and we must go out from the circle of revolution again.

(C) The Soul Society of Ukraine, [temple.org.ua]

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