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Біатлон. Оберхоф

Re: Біатлон. Оберхоф

Need help finding the right arrows.
Measured my thrust / length. It's anywhere from 29 to 30 inches. (My anchor isn't great yet.) Right now, I'm shooting at 20 pounds, but I'm probably going to go to 26. If I want to shoot with carbon arrows, what spine do I need? And what is the measurement of Easton as they list it by size and not by spine? They suggested the year 1716, but I don't seem to be able to cross it out for something like Carbon Express. Right now it's just throwing the XX75 at the target, but that's not true. 
my issue got solve!!
you posted in old thread though its good that your issue is resolved.
Re: Біатлон. Оберхоф


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